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Education and Mentorship: Learning from the Best

I am a 4th generation Tulsan. Both my paternal and maternal great-grandparents came to Tulsa to work in the oil industry. My paternal great-grandfather worked in the oil fields. My maternal great-grandfather came to work in the refinery. My maternal great-grandparents' home is directly south of the Gold Medal neon sign in the Pearl District in Tulsa.

My educational path to becoming a lawyer was not typical. I was the first one in my family to earn a college degree. My parents were both Union Leaders and worked hard. We lived in East Tulsa where I went to East Central High School. 

earned my undergraduate degree in history through Langston University while working full-time and raising a child. My daughter asked that I wait until she graduated from high school before I went to law school.  So, I did.  After she went off to college, I was accepted to law school at the University of Tulsa. Like undergraduate, I worked full-time and went to school full-time. I had A LOT OF HELP! 

Instead of using space to talk about myself, I will tell you about the four people who influenced me and my life as a lawyer. I believe you can learn a lot about someone from those who shaped their life. I am very fortunate to have had a lot of encouragement and help along the way.

First and foremost, are my parents -- Barbara Cale and Larry Uhl. Both of my parents were dedicated Union leaders.  They each held leadership positions in their respective Unions.  I grew up in Union Halls and experienced from an early age how people working together can get things done  I also learned how important advocacy for others is.

My Mother was so dedicated to others that she established a picket line in front of another Union to advance stalled negotiations.

My Dad, took me to work with him, at the Union Hall, when I was a child.  A father taking his daughter to work with him was unheard of at the time.  As an adult, I heard an incredible story about my Dad and how he saved a young woman from sexual exploitation by her employer.  When he found out about it, he offered her a job at the Union.  I learned this story years later from the woman herself.

My employer, Frasier, Frasier & Hickman worked with my schedule to allow me to attend at least one class a week during the day.  I want to acknowledge and thank them. Tomy Frasier, one of my mentors, taught me what it means to be a lawyer. (Tomy is spelled correctly).  Tomy was a well-known attorney in Oklahoma and nationwide.  People would seek out his assistance nationwide. I was Tomy's paralegal before going to law school. Tomy appeared on the Phil Donahue Show with his client in a landmark case, Guinn v. Church of Christ of Collinsville.

Professor Jim Thomas, who became my father-in-law, also holds a special place of influence. I had the privilege of knowing Professor Thomas long before I met my husband. He and Tomy worked on cases together, challenging unconstitutional legislation in Oklahoma.  Professor Thomas taught me how to read a statute, and how to interpret it.  He was a law professor at the University of Tulsa for a number of years. .His unwavering commitment to justice was evident in his readiness to challenge legislation in court whenever it threatened the rights of Oklahomans.

Because of their influence and legacy, I was awarded the Eagle Award and the Local Champion Award. The Eagle Award is presented by the Northeastern Oklahoma Labor Council The Dan Allen Center for Social Justice presented me with the Local Champion Award in recognition of my work in championing social justice issues in law enforcement. Tomy and Jim were also recipients of the Eagle Award.

My mother, Tomy, and Jim have passed on. They touched the lives of many and were forces to be reckoned with.

I live in mid-town Tulsa with my spouse, Mike Thomas; and Notorious RBG. We enjoy taking road trips, with Notorious of course. I have numerous interests outside of work -- dog training, landscaping, indoor plants, photography, reading, sci-fi, and technology to name a few.

Mike helped me gain an understanding of mental illness and its toll on the individual and family. He has been a long-time employee of the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma. He assists chronically unhoused persons with mental illness find housing.

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