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Why Election Law?  What is Election Law?

Voting is a right that many take for granted.  Oklahoma has one of the most secure voting systems in the nation.  I work to make sure that every vote counts.

During elections, 918Lawyer coordinates lawyers and other non-lawyer volunteers to be available.  They answer questions from voters who may have an issue at their polling location.  The issue can usually be resolved with a phone call.  It provides a sense of comfort to know that there is a cadre of volunteers that are available to answer questions. 

918Lawyer has been providing this service for years; long before election conspiracies were rampant.  No one should take it upon themselves to fix a perceived wrong in an election.  If a person questions the integrity of the voting process, or believes they have witnessed a violation of election law, that person should contact the Sheriff's office, a candidate or a political party.  A person should NEVER participate in self-help.  There are mechanisms in place to make sure that every vote counts.

918Lawyer has represented client-candidates in Tribal, local, county, and state-wide elections, including presidential campaigns.  The representation has included:

  • Consultation on voting laws
  • Coordinating legal professionals state-wide to respond to voter concerns
  • Organizing volunteers for recounts of the ballot
  • Representing candidates in eligibility challenges
  • Representing candidates in irregularity challenges

It is every citizen's responsibility to use their talents where they can to bolster democracy.  It is a simple thing to become educated on the issues and candidates.  Then take that knowledge and vote.  

Employers in Oklahoma are required to give their employees two hours paid time off to vote.  There are very few laws in Oklahoma that protect the employee.  An Oklahoman's right to vote is a protection.  There are procedures that the employee must follow before the time can be taken off.  26 OS Section 7-101 outlines the requirements that an employee must follow. If you take the time off that is allowed, it is imperative that you follow the statute. Always review the statute before requesting time off. If you have questions, consult with an attorney.

A popular urban legend about registering to vote is that the names of jurors come from registration records.  Jurors are summoned based on driver's license lists.

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