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Client-Attorney Communication

How Are Clients Communicated With?

Email, client portal, Zoom, Teams, text and telephone.  Each of these communication methods is used in different ways.  With so many options available it can sometimes be overwhelming.  To address this, 918Lawyer has developed a written Communication Plan that is included in the Client-Attorney Agreement.

Having a plan provides predictability in an unpredictable situation.  Appointments are scheduled for phone calls and conferences. The conferences can take place via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, telephone, or in person. This saves you time and frustration. By scheduling conferences, you will communicate with me when your schedule allows for an uninterrupted conversation.

Documents are sent by email and uploaded to the client portal.  The portal, Clio for Clients, is available through a browser and on an app for your mobile device. The portal also provides other information as well. Click the Clio icon for more information on Clio for Clients.  

Clio for Clients

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