Dedicated To Justice

As citizens, we are guaranteed certain rights under the law. The first step to protecting and defending our rights is to understand the law. The second step is to understand how the law applies to us. The third step is to know how the law applies to our individual case. At the Law Office of Laurie Phillips, we will take you through each of these steps and explain things clearly, in a way that makes sense to you. As your attorney, my goal is to make sure you are comfortable with our strategy and with the way your case is handled.

A Flexible Approach To Meet Your Needs

Some attorneys characterize their approach as aggressive, while others offer more conservative and restrained representation. To me, the best approach is one of flexibility. As your attorney, I will work with you to understand your goals. Together, we will move forward in the way that makes the most sense. Sometimes an aggressive approach is the best way to pursue your interests, while at other times, steady and calm counsel is what produces the best results.

Accessible And Accountable

When you have a legal issue, you want results. Large firms have a reputation for large bills because of their large staffs and greater overhead. At my firm, I am extremely conscious of my billing. Every hour billed to your case is recorded and accounted for. I also offer a free initial consultation to find out about your case and tell you how I can help.