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April 2024

I had the pleasure of representing James "Jim" Rea for Tulsa County Commission District 2.  I only represent candidates that I believe in.  Not only is Jim more than qualified to be our next County Commissioner, he treats the people who work for the County with respect.  

Any election related work requires long hours.  There are very few lawyers in Oklahoma that practice this kind of law.  Election law requires the ability to apply the Constitution, statutes, regulations and case law to the issue. There is also a lot of strategy.  It is an entirely different way to try a case.  Election cases are heard by the three member election board, usually the county election board.  It is an administrative hearing with very few, if any, rules.  An assistant district attorney is present only for the purpose of advising the board members on the law.  It is a very challenging area of the law and you never know what to expect.  Rules, what little there are, are not only bent, they are shattered at the administrative level. 

Election cases are accelerated. The challenge went in and less than a week went by before we were in the administrative hearing.  Luckily, there was a weekend to prepare and I am gifted with the energy super power.  Yes, it truly is a super power. 

Jim was challenged by an opponent who, I do not believe, understood the complexities of the law. Complex because of the lack of understanding, and the refusal to accept it. The law as to residency, which was the issue, has not changed since statehood -- it is the person's intent.  Where does the person intend their residence to be? This is set out in the common law which defines those things that are left to interpretation in the statutes.

The star of the day was Jim's dog, Muskogee. Muskogee is a labrador. I presented receipts where Jim had food and other items delivered to the house for Muskogee. Other evidence was presented but Muskogee was the star. The press picked up on Muskogee's move to the residence.

I do these kinds of cases, usually pro bono, because it is my way to give good candidates a chance to make things better. I saw Jim firsthand interacting with employees.  The employees knew him and were at ease. The way a person treats others says a lot about them. I was very impressed. Now it is off to the races.

Practice area(s): Election Campaign / Political Law

Court: Administrative Proceeding

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