Legal Help If Your Civil Rights Were Violated

We are all guaranteed equal protection under the law. This is the basis for the Constitution and Bill of Rights: to clearly define our rights and political and social freedoms. In the United States, all citizens are guaranteed equal rights. But we are not all guaranteed equal treatment by every person or group.

The Difference Between Social Justice And Civil Rights

In Oklahoma, you cannot be denied a job or housing or an education because of your skin color or religion. You cannot be fired solely on the basis of your gender or pregnancy status. You do not have to face ongoing and frequent harassment on the job because of your country of origin. All of these are violations of your civil rights. There are some instances that are not specifically a breach of your constitutional rights, but with skillful use of evidence and argument can be legally reviewed in this context. Contact me, attorney Laurie Phillips, to find out how I can protect your rights in cases involving:

  • LGBT rights
  • Police complaints
  • Civil complaints
  • Racial discrimination
  • Sex discrimination

Answering Your Questions

Wondering if you have a case? I offer a free initial consultation. After I hear about your case, I will be able to tell you:

  • How much will it cost
  • The steps in the process
  • How the criminal procedure works
  • Which statutes affect your case

Can I Record Law Enforcement?

The short answer is yes. You can record on-duty police officers because this is protected by the Constitution under the First Amendment. There are some basic rules to follow when you are recording police officers in the line of duty:

  1. Do not interfere with the police.
  2. If asked what you are doing, respond that you are recording, but not interfering.
  3. State that you are "asserting my First Amendment right."
  4. If asked who you are or who you work for, state your name and that you are "documenting the event and recording off site."
  5. Protect your device.
  6. Contact a lawyer if you are arrested.

If you have questions regarding your right to videotape the police or if you videotaped a loved one or family member experiencing police brutality, call my office. I have experience with a wide variety of civil rights issues, including working with the underrepresented and those suffering with mental illness or mental health issues.

Do Not Represent Yourself

While we are all afforded equal protection under the law, there are ways we can do more harm than good. One way is by attempting to represent ourselves. Even the best lawyers do not represent themselves. They know they are too close to the issue to think clearly and remain clear-headed in their decision-making. If you are facing civil right violations, call or email me at the Law Office of Laurie Phillips. I can answer your questions and tell you how I can help you.

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