Solid Guidance Through Family Law Issues

At some time or another, all of us need legal help. This is especially true in family law matters. Working with an experienced and compassionate attorney who knows the law and understands your goals can make the process much smoother.

Meeting All Of Your Family Law Needs

As an attorney with nearly 15 years of family law experience, I am qualified to help you with a variety of issues, including:

  • Divorce and property division
  • Partnerships, including same-sex couples
  • Writing couples contracts, including prenups and postnups
  • Child custody and support
  • Stepparent/grandparent adoption
  • Mediator services

Social Media And Divorce

One thing that not many people realize is that sending a text or posting to Facebook or Twitter is a little like posting a public letter. There is a record of this. I urge all of my clients to refrain from using social media platforms to discuss their family law matters. You never know what will be admitted into evidence and used against you.

Addressing Your Primary Concerns

At our initial visit, I will learn about and assess your situation. Then I can answer your most pressing questions such as:

  • How long will the process take?
  • What steps are involved and what information will be released?
  • What can we expect?
  • What difference does perception make on family law issues?
  • How can we set realistic goals?

Oklahoma And Common-Law Divorce

Oklahoma is one of the few states that still recognize common-law marriage. These marriages may be the result of years of a shared life and creation of a family. These relationships may not meet all the state marriage requirements, such as a license or ceremony.

If after years of living together and raising a family, one or both partners want to end the relationship, you must use the courts to get divorced. In many instances, a judge will hear your case and make decisions.

I help common-law partners find agreeable ways to end their relationship and divide their assets. If you are in a common-law marriage and wish to end the relationship, call my office. As a lawyer with over a decade of experience, I can offer advice and counsel on the best path to take given your unique relationship.

Call Today For Skilled Counsel And Representation

If you are looking for professional family law counsel and representation, call me, attorney Laurie Phillips, at the Law Office of Laurie Phillips and ask for a free initial consultation. Call 918-921-1048 or email me your legal question or concern. I am located conveniently in Tulsa with free parking available.