A Tulsa Attorney Whose Passion Is The Law

While TV and movies would have us believe otherwise, the law is not a glamorous job. Attorneys are not only for the wealthy and well-connected. Most attorneys are down in the trenches, fighting to ensure that everyday people do not get their constitutional rights trampled.

An Attorney For The Real World

Not many people get everything in life handed to them: A house, a car, an education and a job that pays all of the bills. I should know. I grew up right here in Tulsa. I went to school full time while working full time. I worked as a paralegal and then I entered into the practice of law because I saw that many people needed committed and competent legal advocacy. I recognized that I had the drive and determination to make a difference. So in 2011, I started my own law practice.

An Advocate For Social Justice Issues

At the heart of it, we all want the same things: to do our work and to be treated fairly. This is true on the job, at school and even in relationships, especially in divorce and family law cases. Growing up, many of my family members were involved in unions. Their goal here in Oklahoma was not only to make sure that they as individual employees or laborers were treated well, but to make sure all employees or laborers received fair treatment. You could say that advocacy runs in our blood.

Understanding Your Rights

While on the surface social justice and civil rights seem to be connected, in fact, they are different. Civil rights relates to political and social freedom and equality. A lawyer who works for civil rights works to ensure that all citizens have equal rights and protection under the law.

Social justice relates to society; to wealth, privilege and opportunities. While these two terms and ideas do connect on some levels, they are very different. My work involves the law. But it is more than just telling you what the law says. I will work with you to ensure that you understand the law and how it applies to you and your case, down to the last detail. I will also put forth every effort to make certain that not only are you fully educated about what is happening, but that you have the opportunity to access the status and progress of your case at almost any time. To learn more about me, click on the link below.

If you are looking for passionate advocacy, turn to me, attorney Laurie Phillips. Email me your legal question or concern or call the Law Office of Laurie Phillips at 918-921-1048. I offer a free initial consultation and am located conveniently in Tulsa with free parking available.